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 I’m originally from South Africa, where I spent a number of years studying and teaching psychology. It was at some point during my research into daydreaming that I realised I was being pulled towards something else: My fantasy was to be an artist. So it was that I packed up my life in sunny South Africa and moved to the UK to begin in the theatre. I studied Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway College and then Theatre Directing at RADA. My primary focus is on making my own work, however my productions far have run the gamut from Shakespeare to new writing.

Like most artists, I struggle to articulate the focus of my work. I find it’s usually only after finishing something that I am able to say what it was really about. Suffice it to say that at the moment, I am interested in making theatre which brings people from different backgrounds together. Part of this is simply telling very good stories, but part of it is also creating moments of shared humanity with those we thought were very different from us. I’ve been told I’m too young to be cynical, and it’s true. I fervently strive for optimism, and I believe in the power of the theatre to bring people together.   

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