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We have ambitious goals for this project, one of which is to pay people fairly for their work. The theatre industry is chronically underfunded; especially coming out of Covid-19, we think it is unethical to underpay people or ask them to donate their time. Much work on the Fringe is effectively subsidised by artists donating their time. We believe that artists are entitled to fair pay, even on the Fringe and at the beginning of their careers. 


We will be hiring an ensemble of 4 actors for the Festivals. As Fringe Festivals have short runs and ticket prices are very low, we are asking for all of the funding to be donated in order to deliver a high-quality production. Revenue generated by ticket sales from Fringe performances will then go towards funding the tour. The majority of the budget goes to pay people fairly for their work on the play.

If you would like to discuss contributing, please do contact Geoff.

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