The natives of Tiny Island are restless. The powers that be are disgruntled. 


A lack of sufficient bribery results in Priest deposing Queen. Then all hell breaks loose. Leadership changes hands frequently and violently. Each new government is worse than the last. The exhausted citizens are left worrying about what really counts: who’s going to collect their bins? 


We’re living in ‘you-couldn’t-make-it-up’ times. Whatever your political beliefs, the lunatic farce of the political establishment has become so commonplace as to be mundane. Which is terrifying; what’s the next insane thing to happen? Game of Governments is an over the top theatrical joke, with a gentle reminder that politicians are supposed to work for us. Aren’t they?

The showcase performance at the RADA festival was sold out. The fantastic feedback is testament to the incredible talent and commitment of the team behind the show: 


Clementine Beeson

Associate Artist:

Paul Westcombe


Gina Cameron

Shaun Blaney

Reginald Edwards

Sam James Page

Ben Meyer

Daniel Lipton

Kitty Whitelaw

So many individuals and organisations have offered their help and support to the show. Special thanks for all they have done to: 

RADA for offering the first home to the play, and especially Jo Wilshire for running the festival

Peter James CBE and Mountview Academy for hosting the first reading

Jasper Frost, for directing the first reading

Surinder Durha and the Blighty Women's Project for 

Oscar Balfour for creatine the beautiful poster artwork

Ruairi McGowan-Smith for designing the poster

Claudio Ravanelli for taking the rehearsal photography