"You know that feeling when you leave a show and you're excited and energised and you simply can't wait to talk about and share what you just experienced? That's why I make theatre"

I keep getting asked what kind of director I am, and it’s a tricky question to answer. I’m a director of theatre? I’m a human director? The more I work though, the more I begin to see a pattern to my style (or a method in my madness, if you prefer). I am drawn to projects that explore fantasy. I am fascinated by the power of metaphor: to take one thing and imbue it with the qualities of another for the purpose of telling a story. If a play has a character with a rich inner life, and this inner life is allowed to thrive through story, I’m hooked. I’m addicted to peeking inside how other people dream, and trying to understand why the dreams are the way they are.


I’m an enemy of apathy. I aim, in my work, to provoke discussion and trouble the waters of entrenched opinion. I believe that the theatre is a fundamental playground for engaging the world, and reflecting on who and what we are as humans. My work is interested in how we spin the yarn of our existence and exploits. In other words, I am fascinated by the human need to mythologise itself.


 I’m originally from South Africa, where I spent a number of years studying and teaching psychology. It was at some point during my research into daydreaming that I realised I was being pulled towards something else. A life in the arts was my fantasy. So it was that I packed up my life in sunny South Africa and moved to the UK to begin in the theatre. Since then I have studied Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway College and Theatre Directing at RADA. My productions so far have run the gambit from Shakespeare, to new writing, to a couple of plays I wrote myself.


For a list of my productions so far, have a look at the Past Productions page.

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